Carb Nite Before And After

EDIT: Video April update is in the works, sorry but I was lazy with pictures and resolve from coming from the food. March 1 began a new routine, Pylometric insanity cardio circuit daily, combined with regular hours P90Xs. March is the month where you will see real change. Wish me luck. January 01, 2012 1 March 2012 video, 2 months for update. Diet low carbohydrate (less 20 grams per day), with very little practice 1-2 x / week (basic lift, abdominal, push-ups). Rationalisation can now in fact, lose. This month on the weights to attack and go back to eating. Yes, I lost an opportunity here and there, but only a handful. The song is Solar Sailer, basic loose remix. It is not my song, but carb nite before and after it is very impressive. Thank you to all the artist remix and Daft Punk. .